Adding Markers to Units (Noob Designer Question)

Hi There!

I am knee deep in my first module and I have managed 95% of the functionality. What an amazing resource is Vassal!

I am making a WW2 grand strategy tabletop.

One thing I am having trouble making work is adding attacker/defender markers to units - much like how they are handled in the Memoir 44 module. In that module you right click on a unit, pick “attacker” and then a red dot appears on the attacker unit. Then you right click on the intended target, pick “target” and a yellow dot appears.

I realize I have to make the graphical assets, but what I can’t seem to manage is the method of adding the right click menu options and have the graphic appear, and trying to copy what I see in the Memoir 44 module has my head spinning.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Create 2 pics, one with a red dot and the other with a yellow dot. Make the size appropriate to your counter size. The background, as it seems most graphics handling software uses a basic square/rectangle as the core shape, should be transparent. In your prototype for your units add 2 layer traits, use whatever you want for the name, enter attacker/defender where the default ‘activate’ is. Change the ctrl A to whatever you want to use - possibly ctrl A for attacker and ctrl d for defender. Make sure ‘always active’ is unticked. Save module, update counters. Your right click menu should now include attacker/defender, including the hot keys.
Alternative, get Memoir 44 module and open in edit mode. Have a look through the prototypes. There will be something there similar as I have tried to describe.

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Thanks very much for the detailed reply. I will give it a go!

You are welcome. I use quite a few of this type of layer to indicate certain conditions. Aircraft mission types, supply status, minor country ‘ownership/control’ by a major power, etc.

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Your suggestion was precisely what I needed. Cheers.