Adding missing info in Eldritch Horror

Hi everyone,
I try to add missing information in Eldritch Horror module (reverse side of condition card and spell). Obviously I own the original game to be able to proceed. And it is for my own usage.
I use Inkscape to modify svg files. But texts are in french so I need accented characters. It’s ok in Inkscape but when I “import” the image in the module, I get errors with java encoding.
So does Vassal support fonts (Times new roman in this case) with french accented characters ? Do I need to import a new font and how ?
Thanks for your help

Are you using Java 6? I’ve seen problems with the font rendering on that version, I recommend using Java 7 or higher (this is mentioned on the module page).

If not, what are you actually seeing - is it just the accented characters that are wrong, or is the entire text wrong? If it’s only some of the text, can you tell whether the font being used is the correct one, or is it using some default font instead?

Also, if you attach one of your SVG files I can take a look and see if I spot anything that might be causing the problem.

Incidentally, an alternative to using ‘proper’ svg text would be to just use an image of the card you’ve scanned or photographed. You can use a very simple SVG file that just resizes the image (I recommend using an image twice the size of the SVG itself, i.e. 180x278 pixels). I can post an example SVG file if you like; it would be easier to just copy it and edit the text instead of using Inkscape, since all you would need to change is the image filename.