Adding Text or a Label to a Map Board

I have two areas marked out on my game map board, one for receiving cards played by players and the other for discarded cards.

I would like to name the two areas appropriately, so players can identify them, but can find no way of doing so. Can anyone help?

Create an At-Start Stack on your map at the desired location, create a new piece within that stack with no defined image (making it effectively invisible), give it “Does Not Stack” with “select never, move never” and then a Text Label trait, in which you can pick the desired font, color, size, etc.

Thanks, Joel, I guessed there must be a way. Temporarily, I have created a new map file with the labels placed but I’d sooner be able to change things if I want to.

Quick afterthought: I followed your instructions and got more or less what I wanted but the Vassal package doesn’t seem to offer much in the way of fonts - is there some way of accessing a larger selection?

I don’t believe there’s a way to incorporate one’s own desired fonts (if there is, it’s probably hideously complex). If there’s a particular font you want, you’ll want to create an actual graphic image. I use InkScape for this sometimes–so I can work in vector as long as possible until the moment I need to export to PNG at the precision dimensions required. It’s a very fast (for me) way to get sharp looking text with transparent background.