Adding the content of a global property to a dice roll

Is it possible to add the value of a global property to the result of a dieroll?

I’d like to had a die-roll modifier to a given dieroll button using the $property$ notation in the Add to each die or Add to overall total field but those fields would only accept numeric values, not global property names.

Does it sound like a good idea or not?
Since there is already a test to verify the field content is numeric, why not include in this test the needed code to replace a GP by its value and only then test the field content?


Well you cant do it the way you would think (as you describe) at the moment
but you can still do it by instead storing the value of the dice roll to a
GP which you can then increase using a trigger/dp sequence by the value of
another GP and report the result

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I thought I had already read something along those lines (most probably posted by you) but I was unable to lay my hands on this post using the Search function. Probably used the wrong keywords.

I’ll give it a try.


I was able to do it in a module I’m working on. Using the set global
property, have the a keystroke set the property to $xdy_result$ (where x and
y are your number of dice and faces respectively) then on the same keystroke
increment the global property by the value you want to add to the dice
result, which can be another property if you want. Use a trigger to fire off
a dice roll so the result is set then the keystrokes in the global property
and report the global property however you want.

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Maybe I’m just a thickhead but I don’t see how to do this the way you describe it without using a proxy piece that has the correct ‘trigger’ or ‘set global property’ traits.

Can I have a peek at your own module?

On Dec 2, 2008, at 12:46 PM, Aradiel wrote:

This would be a good candidate for adding to the how-to page in the
vassal on-line documentation: … ow_to:main

Messages mailing list …

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One of my demo’s in the forums shows how to pass the value of the roll to a
There is no way to do this without a 3rd piece acting as the mediator.
Usually an at start stack 1 x 1 pixel set at 0,0 works perfect here for all
your variable management if you need something permanent

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I tried for 2 hours to set it up without any satisfying results.

I’ll try again tomorrow but in a simple test module with the sole purpose of getting this to work (my tries today were within my existing module with many GP & GKC)

If you can point me to a module with such tricks, I’m interested.