Adding Values

I’m working on my own version of a SOTM module.

I have 5 hero discard decks that count the number of Type=Burst cards as Bursts.

I’m trying to add a text label that shows the total of Bursts in ALL discard piles.

If I do $Hero 1 Discard_Bursts$+$Hero 2 Discard_Bursts…$ it displays as 22+0+0+0+0

I’ve tried to add a calculated property to the item in the At-Start-Stack and use that in the text label…but that throws errors.

Can anyone offer some insight?

I’m trying what is mentioned here: but it tells me there’s an error in the expression.

Solved my problem. I should know better than to put spaces in object names.

Changing to Hero_1_Discard for the deck and modding the calculation resolved.