Addition a TCG function

Hello, I’m still here to ask if it possible to improve this platform and try to make it perfect for tcg too.

So, first method, if then it should already be possible to do this thing with the current functions, I kindly ask if I can be explained how to do it.

  • First Method: Add text that can only be displayed when the mouse hovers over a certain card.

  • Second Method: Being able to add a side “window” to the playing field, which shows the card and its effects when we pass over a certain card.

I hope I was clear, and I thank in advance whoever will help me in this project.

You seem to have the Battle Spirits Online Battlers module. We have had dozens of bug reports about this module but no one has ever left any contact information and we don’t know where to get a copy of the module ourselves. We’d like to fix the TileNotFoundException people have reported but can’t if no one will talk to us or give us the module.

Where can we get this module?

To answer one of your questions: The Mouse Over Stack Viewer is able to display text when you hover over a piece.

I have been working on Battle Spirits modules for years now and I have never been notified of such a bug despite everything I have a channel where I am reported several bugs (even if basically, they are more errors on card effects)

However, I leave you the latest version of the module I worked on, so that if you want to fix this thing you are free to do it, indeed, thank you too. Having an extra hand it’s not bad xD

As for the answer to my question, I have to answer with a question lol
The Over-Stack Viewer function is inside the Ma Window, but how do I get all the different effects to be displayed?

You can see all the bug reports here.

They’re all TileNotFoundExceptions. We can’t reproduce the problem. No one leaves contact information with the bug reports, so we have no way of talking with anyone who can.

That’s a question for someone other than me.

I see. Did you know someone who can help me?

There are many people around on the forum who can offer advice about module design; wait a bit and maybe one of them will reply.