Additional player(s) needed for 18AL - PBEM

We’ve got 2 … game needs at least 3, can take up to 5.

This will be a game for newbies, but I’ve gone over the instructions and think I’m able to follow it OK (though we’ll see once the game actually gets going ;) )

Anyone intersted in joining in?

Newbies to Vassal or 18AL? Or 18xx generally?

In any case, I’m fairly new to Vassal but am at least moderately experienced with 18xx and would be interested in joining in.

Newbie to 18xx in general - I’ve actually got a pretty good handle on Vassal :slight_smile:

I would be very interested in playing 18AL, i have never played any of the 18xx games before but it is one series that i have wanted to try for a while as i really enjoy Train games in general such as Railroad tycoon or Age of Steam.
However i would like to note that i am still rather new to Vassal, but i am a quick learner

Right now it looks like we’ve got 3 players (including myself) and will be starting with a couple hours of “live” play before switching over to playing by email (due to a lot of bidding back and forth in the early stages of the game).
We might be starting the live session as early as tomorrow/Thursday evening (I’ve proposed 9pmCentral, one of the guys hasn’t responded yet so not sure yet), but if you think you’d be able to participate in doing it this way I can see if they mind adding on another… I don’t see why not, apparently this game is supposed to work really well with 4 :slight_smile:

I can’t do it on Thursday evening, i have a previous engagement and i won’t be done until 9:30 Mountain time and it will probably be too late in the evening by then. However, I am avilable on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening so i could do it then.

Afraid I’ll have to keep you in mind of there’s another game after this one or something… looks like everything’s a go for Thursday.

OK, unfortuantely our session tonight didn’t work out, so if you’d like we can add you on as a 4th and see if we can find a common time to all “meet up” for a live session to start…

I am a newbie. I cannot get thee modules and ext to work. I am interested in playing via PBEM.