Additional Vassal Help?

First of all I will thank you for making this forum for Vassal. I’m not used to using groups and was happy to see a forum for Vassal go up. I recently started playing with virtual table top software with Fantasy Grounds. FG’s is too d20 oriented for what I was looking for and started looking into other programs. This is when I discovered Vassal.

I am very impressed with the simplicity of Vassal. I began designing a module for a basketball board game that I designed and play with my son. While designing the module I have run into many different posts on the yahoo group of things I didn’t understand. The Vassal reference manual is a good start but I feel that I am missing out on the versatility of the program.

I was hoping that there is more reference material, to explain through examples of what Vassal is capable of. I have downloaded a few modules and have tried to figure out what all the parts are doing but can’t seem to find one that is similar enough to my purposes.

Any enlightenment on this would be appreciated.

There has been some documentation created for Vassal over the years but development speed has well and truly outrun the ability of the team to keep it up-to-date.

We really do need volunteers to help with things such as documentation.