Adjustable split screen/Mini Map option

Would it easy to make the mini map that pops when you hit the split screen button, to be an adjustable window?

I find that the bigger the map arena, the bigger the mini map becomes to fit the dimensions.

If the windwo opened up and not all of the map was showing, you can adjust the widow to cover the area that you need.

And the other request is to make it moveable/dockable…

Right now it opens in the upper left hand corner of the main window… and if i am near the edge of the screen, i can now select units, that is covered by the mini map. I need to close it. to be able to select and move things behind it… If i could move it, it would be cool

If i could move it, and adjust the size of it, i think it would be even cooler :slight_smile:

Thanks for your consideration of the request.