afrika korps pbem wanted

I played a lot of AK back in the '70s but that was a looooong time ago. Looking for any skill level to play some email games using WGA 3rd edition rules. I’m pretty rusty, but I’ll do my best to put up a good fight. First come, first serve. I can only handle one game at a time.

I’m up for AK.

Where would one find the WGA 3rd edition rules?

I only have the rules that came with the Avalon Hill game.



i think i have a game brewing with kpilkington.

here’s the link to wargame academy where you’ll find a link to the rules referred to:


Thanks for the link.

Played many a game of Afrika Korps by mail many years ago.

Excellent game with chess-like qualities.

well when kpilkington is done sweeping the floor with me i’ll shoot you an email and we can play a game or two as well.