Afrika Korps Rules SNAFU

Rule 12.2 in Afrika Korps is all wrong. The redesigners really messed up. It states that the Germans don’t get supply on the first trun because they don’t have a port.

But the rules clearly state that “home base” is a port. Units can sea move there, etc.

So the Germans HAVE a port, but the person/s who re-wrote the rules didn’t get it.

Rule 12.2 says the Germans don’t get supply on the first turn because of no port. But the reason for no 1st turn supply is actually because the Germans START with a supply unit. Unsaid in the original game is that the German supply already arrived at port (home base) the first turn, so 1st turn supply is actually AUTOMATIC (it’s already on board), but the original rules only state that there is no supply for the 1st turn, not WHY. So where this “germans have no port” opinion came from is a mystery to me. It’s obviously wrong, or the Germans could never bring in reinforcements/replacements without owning Tobruch or Allied Home Base.

So, to play Afrika Korps, you have to disregard rule 12.2, as it is non-sensical, contains a mistaken OPINION (“Germans don’t have a port”), and negates the rules of sea movement.


Actually it’s only the part where it says “Germans have no port” that’s out of whack. And that particular line has caused confusion in playing the game.

Bangazi can’t be used for sea movement, so it can’t receive supplies. So even capturing bengazi on the first turn wouldn’t give the Germans a port.

Which is another indicator that the rule is screwed up. The germans will lose because without tobruk, according to 12.2 the germans will get ZERO supplies, ever. No reinforcements, ever. No replacements, ever.


Ok the axis don’t have a port on the first turn because you don’t control a home base unless it’s occupied by a friendly unit. So that’s why they don’t have a port…