Age of Napoleon PBEM


I’m still relatively new to this vassal thing, but currently am cutting my teeth on a Victory Denied, so learning how it all works.

It is pretty awesome!

So, I’ve solo’d Age of Napoleon at home and are pretty familiar with the rules regardless that the rule book is fairly lacking. I’m sure I’m no expert with it, but know the flow pretty well.

So who is interested in taking up a PBEM game of AoN? I’m not opposed to the playing live but that may take more time for me to get adjusted and set up there.

Let me know!

Game on,


Looking into this game…

Cool. Let me know. The game is very thematic and fun. The rulebook is crap, so don’t be put off by it. I understand the flow of play pretty well. I’ve solo’d one game and currently soloing another.

Thank you for the response.

lol, about the rules…ok : )

Are u interested?

Well… Want to bump this up a bit.

Anyone interested???