AH Blitzkrieg, improved map images available

The maps currently used in the Vassal module for Avalon Hill’s Blitzkrieg were initially created by myself for CyberBoard.
These maps contain a few errors concerning the road network especially around the Koufax Desert area. I’ve since made some newer improved versions of the mapboard in 6 sections and it would be good if these were used in the Vassal module. I’ve uploaded the images to the BoardGameGeek

James D. Wickson
thegamecrafter.com/games/tri … ying-cards

Normally I would say that you should ask the module maintainer to update the module with the new maps. However, it looks from the page for the module that there might not be a module maintainer for this module right now.

Would you like to become the maintainer for this module?

I wouldn’t mind doing so.