AH Bull Run, Blitzkrieg, or TRC

Want to play AH Bull Run, Blitzkrieg, or TRC. New to VASSAL. Need much help.

I would be willing to play Blitztkrieg. I don`t have Bull runs rules or I would possibly have an interest in that one.


The rules for Bull Run are posted as one of the files on the Bull Run VASSAL module page.

How about a game using the Basic 1975 Blitzkrieg Rules? It is relatively short – 15 turns – and doesn’t use air units, except for the paratroops. The full 1975 rules are also posted on the VASSAL Blitzkrieg module page.
What side do you want to play?

Hey Charles that sounds good to me I`ll just pick blue and e-mail my set up this week end.