AH Games opponent wanted

Old timer with a big chunk of time on his hands looking to try my hand at some old AH games.

Battle of the Bulge
Afrika Korp
The Russian Campaign
Hitlers War
Advanced Third Reich
Napoleon - Waterloo Campaign
Victory in the Pacific

Fairly new to vassel.
I am at US Pacific Coast and weekday gaming would work perfect but PBEM would also be fine.

Send me a line at ajruiz2262@gmail.com


My post, above, has generated 3 games for me. Still looking for one more game from following two:

Napoleaon Waterloo Campaign (3rd edition - though willing to bit the bullet and buy the 4th edition if you would give me a game in that)
Battle of the Bulge

Fellow gamers:
I have filled my quota of games, for now. Thanks for the inquiries.