AH Gunslinger

Has anyone successfully played GS over Vassal, either via Skype or by email ? If anyone knows whether it is practical to play via the Vassal module, I’d be interested to give it a try. I’m GMT+1 living in France.

I have the original box game of this. Always wanted to try it. Never got anyone to play it with me. I would love to try it as well, but would have to read up on the rulebook. I have the Vassal module as well… it looks like it is all there.

Thx for the contact. Yes, I’ve also the original AH edition, a little battered and dusty from its last appearance in Dodge City when Wyatt Earp was deputy! Not sure where we go from here. What time zone are you in ? Send me your email and at least we can send some Vassal v.sav and v.log files to see how it works.
Here’s mine :- martin.mackenzie@orange.fr

I’d like to play Gunslinger.

I prefer to play online with Skype.

I live in Canberra Australia UTC +11 hours.

I can play day or night but Tuesday and weekends are usually not available.


Hey I’m super intrested in giving GS a go over vassal. I never tried it online and played the game (Vassal) only a few times so I’m pretty new to it.

I do understand your in France but I’m sure we can arrange something.


Hi James,

Update my original posting - have since tried pbem via Vassal - it can work but needs quite a bit of organisation and planning on how best to resolve the card play and timing issues. The module doesn’t handle that, and we ran into a few hurdles with flipping cards, handling the other player cards, revealing to opponent, etc. Smooth play was very dependent on a rigorous protracted sequence. We then had to break off for other reasons - will probably give it another go in the Autumn when my opponent has more time ( he’s in Australia). If and when we do, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

If you go with PBEM in the fall I would be interested as well.


I imagine this would work best with a GM running the game. But count me in. I have done a couple Gunslinger Vassal games with friends and I really enjoyed it

If you are still interested, I run a GMed Gunslinger series on Redscape. Turns are due to me every M-W-F at 4pm EDT/8pm UTC. I then resolve them using the Vassal module and post results in the forum as well as email to all players.

We have been playing for a couple years and have a good core group. Currently we have one player that would like to take a break so we have one opening. The showdown will be Box Canyon.

We use rules sections I-IV and a modified version of the pbm system that appeared in the General as well as a few “house” rules. All information will be provided. We’d like to begin setup on May 9th. If I get more than one response I will keep a wait list.