Airforce/Dauntless Question

On the log sheet in Airforce it is designed so a player types in their movements then carries them out. At the top of each planes section on the log sheet is a blank space. Is there a way or how would I go about making this blank space editable so players could type in special damage to their planes to help them remember their movement restrictions after being damaged.

Try mailing the module designer about this. He is a great guy and very helpful :smiley:


I have just downloaded the module and I try to play with it. But I can’t change anything in the log sheet. How do you record your moves on this sheet ?


When I select the tutorial game I can effectively record my moves in the log sheet. But with the others games, I can’t. I don’t understand why.

Do you know if the author of the module can be contacted by PM or by mail ? I can’t find informations in the differents files of the module.


Thus spake “didier69”:

Were you able to get this problem worked out?


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