All i want to do is add a simple Turn counter.

Dumb question from a dumb guy.
I’ve spent several hours trying and failed.
All i want to do is add a simple Turn counter. When a gaming phase ends a player just hits the next turn button + .
You click the + it says Turn 2 and upward with simple reporting in the chat interface.
I’ve been trying with the Turn Counter and i’ve got nowhere.

Any help appreciated, i hate asking such stupid questions but i just can’t seem to work it.

Just because you haven’t spent 50% of your life staring at a computer screen like some of us doesn’t mean you’re dumb. :slight_smile:

  • Right-click on the “Turn Counter” item you created, then select “Add List”.
  • Next to “Description”, type a name for the list. Just call it “Turn”.
  • Under List of Items, type in “Turn 1”.
  • Click “Add”. You’ll now see that it has been added to the box at the right.
  • Now type “Turn 2” under “List of Items”.
  • Click “Add”.
  • Continue until all of the turns have been added.
  • Click “OK”. You now have a simple turn tracker!

Note: The turn counter will not appear until you Start a game.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help.
It worked but i have a problem with the reporting of changing Turns.
When i changed Turns i get the report in the chat interface:
Turn updated from Turn 1 level2 level3 level4 to Turn2 level2 level3 level4.

I want to remove the level parts.
I tried removing them from the Turn Counter: Turn Name Format but then i get
Turn updated from to .
:confused: :slight_smile:

ah ok. In the “Turn Name” box you should only have “$level1$” (without the quotes of course!)

Thank you.
I can relax now, until i start on the next vassal investigation :laughing: