Allow HTML as a default option where-ever HTML tags work

Support for HTML in chat is great. Other components do support HTML but unlike Chat with HTML it is necessary to use the <html> tag to enable it. It would be wonderful if other module components that parse html like Text Label, Button text, tooltips and others (GPIW structure names & Chart tabs come to mind) could be enabled such that <html> tags weren’t needed.

If there’s interest from a developer, I could work my way through the list of potential candidates for any more to add to the list.

To provide for backward compatibility, I suggest that the Global Option “Enable HTML Support in Chat Log” becomes something like “Enable HTML Support” with 3 options: Never, In Chat Only, Where-ever Supported.

This may be a simplification, as iirc Chat with HTML support disabled does not allow <html> to turn HTML on, whereas that’s how it works with other components. So perhaps a separate option is needed, but I think not.

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