Allow opponent to see own card hand

Is it possible, to allow an opponent during game, to see/open my own card hand?

One way to do this is to make the private window viewable by the opponent side, but having the player keep the cards masked. Then when the opponent needs to view the cards, the player can unmask the cards.

Sorry to necro this old thread, but there didn’t appear to be a more recent one.

I’m also interested in a solution to this problem, particularly in games for more than two players. Is there a way that a player can briefly show his/her hand to only one of their opponents?

Is it now possible in version 3.2.0, that one player can show/allow to see his opponent, the own card hand?

Or is it possible, with only one menu-button, to discard one random card out of the hand of the opponent?

In the game I’m working on now, I’m using a sort of work around. Along with the usual player sides, I’ve included a player side named (view).

Each player hand is set to be viewed only by the player side that owns it and the player side (view). If a player gets to look at someone else’s hand during the course of the game, they can switch player sides to (view), open the hand, look at it, close the hand and switch back to their regular player side.

Important note: if you use this technique, make sure your players close the other players hand before returning to their regular player side or the other player’s window will remain open and visible.