Allow to select and copy/past multiple nodes at once

At the moment, it’s only possible to select 1 node in the project, copy it and place it in some other node.

This is useful when we have (for example) a player board (private window) for each player, we add something to one player board and then we copy it and paste it on all other players boards.

the problem is when you have A LOT of stuff in that board that need to beplaces (example, multiple at-start-stack) and you need co copy one by one and past it one by one.

I thnk it would be very beneficial if it would be possible to select multiple nodes, copy them and paste them into another node.

All existing validations and past behaviour should still apply (e.g., trying to past something that is not valid in a particular node should not add that “invalid thing”, but should add all valid ones).


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