Alternate Art

I am making a module and there are 2 sets of art for the cards. I made it with one set and then wanted to add the alternate art as an option. I added the other cards as Replace With Other and I am trying to get it to change it all at once. If I use a Global Key Command, it is only affecting the cards that have been moved off of the deck already. I tried adding a Global Deck Command to match, but that isn’t doing anything either. Is there a good way to do this? Thank you!

Hi, make sure the gkc says within a deck applies to all pieces, and make sure any mask trait on the cards is listed before (above) in the same trait window as the replace trait - in fact, just make sure the replace trait is last. Hope that solves it.

A layer trait is perfect for this btw. You could have the cards’ default images be blank, the layer always active, with two levels (the two images for each) that are controlled by a global property (expression value). Then all you have to do is change the global property, which can be done at start up or any number of ways.

Thank you so much! Moving the replace to the bottom worked. That’s one thing I have never understood, how the order of traits affects how they work.

I have another deck to do now, so I might practice trying with the other method you suggest. Always good to learn new techniques. :slight_smile: