Always draw multiple from deck

So I’ve got a deck that every time anybody draws from it, they always need to draw 5 cards from it (which also happens to be the number of cards in the deck).

Obviously they can just draw one at a time, but that is super slow. I thought about enabling the “command to send entire deck to other deck”, but I want them to end up as individual cards, not another deck.

I have the “draw multiple cards” option enabled in the deck settings; so each time they can right click, choose “draw multiple cards”, type 5, then drag and drop into their hand. It works, but it’s slower and clunkier than I’d like.

Is there any way to force a deck to always draw the same number (5 in my case) of cards? Or make a command that draws 5 cards and sends it to the hand of whoever made the command? Or that draws the whole deck to a place in a field, not another deck?

Thanks again!

Put a “Draw” button either next to the deck or in each of the player hands. In other words, make a small graphic …say 100x30 that has “Draw” on it and use it as an “At Start” piece.

Then put an Action Button trait on it. Have the AB trigger a Global Key Command with the property filter of:

CurrentMap = (the map the deck is on) && DeckName = (name of the deck)

and have it draw 5 cards.

On the cards, create a Prototype with a Send to Location trait and have the command that the GKC will send to it.

On your player windows, create a zone or region point to send the cards to. Name your player windows with the same name as the player sides. You can include the parameter on your STL trait to send to a specific zone or region in window $PlayerSide$. Then, whoever clicks the button will receive the cards.

You are a wizard. Thanks so much!

Is there any way to disable movement on those kind of things, buttons and counters and text objects, while still allowing all players to interact and modify other traits of them?

Include a “Does Not Stack” trait on the pieces. That trait allows you to set a piece so that it can or can’t be selected and/or moved. So, unless you wanted to move the button somewhere for some reason, you would set it as Select = Yes, Move = No.