Ambush! is broken...

as a BGG user just pointed out - and I’ve verified - the current version posted on the site has no maps available once you begin a new game.

Somebody fix it. :smiley:

It is not broken, just has a small bug fixable by user

See this thread … ght=ambush

There is a search function for forums.

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That small bug fix isn’t going to be seen by someone who doesn’t read these forums. If the module has a bug, and there’s a fix, there’s really no excuse for it to still be posted in a broken state.

The original BGG post went like this:

[i]Ambush! on Vassal problems

Just downloaded Ambush! for Vassal play. I started an off line game and don’t see any way to choose the map. I get only a blank page.

When I was looking around in the module design, it appears there is a “map” button and had to check a box to make it appear in the tool bar. I went back to the play option and saw the map button I just applied to the tool bar, but clicking on it opened a blank window. I don’t know my way around designing modules, is there an easier way to select the map?

It seems much easier just to play this game on a table. Thanks for any help you can give me.[/i]

(emphasis mine)

Is this what we want people to think when they try out VASSAL for the first time? I think not.

Then step up and make some positive contribution to the situation instead of making rude comments on this forum. Who exactly are you blaming for this problem?

Take control of the problem, get involved, email the module author directly, post messages in the appropriate forums letting people know how to solve the problem.

The main thing holding Vassal back at present is the unwillingness of freeloaders like yourself to get involved with the mundane, time consuming tasks like documenation, module support and newbie player support.

Tired and Grumpy :{ .

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On 13/07/2008 at 5:59 AM Shad wrote:

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I appreciate you being tired and grumpy, and I am too. Here’s my take:

The bug fix thread that was linked dates from January to March of this year, but the module as posted on the site is still broken in mid-July. VASSAL is not the only game around - it’s the best, I firmly believe that, which is why I try to do my part by pouring my efforts into maintaining this list on BGG: The BoardGameGeek VASSAL Competitor’s Directory – wargamers wanted! - but the way the website is setup only original contributors and admins can make direct changes to the posted modules and by having out-of-date modules posted when there are known bug fixes users are going to be lost to other clients.

I can’t change that module directly, else I’d do it right now myself with that fix. Emailing the author? Sure, but if the problem’s been posted for 4+ months and it’s still up there it’s only natural to assume that the guy(s) out of touch.

Here, I’ve even posted a fixed module. Now would somebody who can please kindly put it on the site?

Hi Shad,

I apologize for my grumpout earlier. Been up all night adding sooper-dooper new stuff to Vassal ;)

Yes, but this is a Vassal site, not an Ambush site and there is no guarantee that any particular module developer is actually currently listening in. Some modules are quite old now and the original developers have moved on.

Excellent! That is exactly the sort of non-technical support that Vassal needs. I take back my freeloader qip ;)

No, that’s not true. Any contributor can add other users as additional contributors, it is not limited to the ‘original’ contributors. You really need to try and contact Michael Dorosh directly.

No not at all. There is no rule that says a module contributor has to read this mailing list, so no amount of posting to this list would have any effect whatsoever. There is no ‘somebody’ who is responsible for sorting out this problem, it is you, the players of Ambush.

The ‘correct’ way to resolve your problem is to actually attempt to contact Michael directly through the contacts page on the website and offer to take over support of the module. If you can contact him, he can add you as a contributor, or take care of your submission. Most module developers are very open to assistance.

If you are unable to contact the current contributor, you can then email/post Rodney and ask to be added as a contributor to the module as the current contributor has gone AWOL.

You can then upload your fixed module.

There is no ‘somebody’ whose job is to upload non-contributor submissions to module pages. Once you have established that the current contrubutors are AWOL, you may request to be added as a contributor to the module.


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The most positive way is to give the Vassal Module list management to Shad …

Shad i vote for you ! You have already done a great job with the Vassal Geeklist.

There is a lack of a " Modules Keeper" . A person that you can refer to simply know or update if a module is ok or not …

I know that it cost time … but now the Vassal list is more like virgin jungle and the number of new modules is increasing each month …



Module Deputy? :smiley:

Thus spake “Shad”:

I’ve been concerned for some time now that the website hinders contributors.
After we’ve released 3.1.0, I intend to devote a week or two to
infrastructure improvements before starting development on 3.2.


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For what it’s worth I emailed Michael Dorosh and forwarded this information to him. Whether he will make the necessary changes/create an updated module I’m not sure. We’re in contact due to an interest in ASL and Ambush! so I’ll try and keep this subject fresh until the issue is resolved - without the work around.