Annoying Property Sheet Behaviour

In our playtesting, we’ve noticed some odd behaviour with propety sheets that are causing a good deal of problems.

I make heavy use of property sheets for descriptions, information and values. In fact, just about everything has a property sheet attached to it.

The character token that a player uses has several buttons for various attributes. Each of these attributes is a propery sheet containing values of various kinds. If I click on one of these buttons to open the Property Sheet, I can move it around to where I want it. But once I close it, it is locked into that position and tied to that map window from now on.

If the player token is moved to a different map window and that same propety sheet is opened by clicking the button for it, the old map pops up (if it’s open in the background) and the property sheet displays in exactly the same location it was previously viewed.

We’ve also had occasions where someone will attempt to open a property sheet when the token is too close to the lower right corner of the screen and the propety sheet will open off screen. Of course, once this happens, the player will never see it again.

I would suggest that property sheet windows always open directly over the component they are tied to regardless of where they are at or what window they are in. This would certainly solve the problem

I’m still using 3.0.17 at this time.


Good suggestion. I don’t think we anticipated moving counters between maps, so the property sheet window is tied to the original map.


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