anti-virus clobbers zipped game files?

This has happened playing GMT-AW once a while back and now again recently twice in a row on GMT-CoM…

Someone sends me a save game file, apparently zipped (not sure why a saved game and not a logfile you would have to ask them, likewise why bother zipping, but anyhow). I say apparently zipped because the attachment has a zip extension, browsing inside the attachment there is a file. In the recent twice back back to back case this file inside the zip had no extension but it was called savegame.

I can save to disk fine but when I go to unzip it windoze security zings it as a threat and whisks away the file. How convenient!

I can get (non-Vassal) zip files in my email normally with no problem all the time - never had this happen except these three instances with Vassal save games wheras it has worked probably hundreds of times for other content. And as far as I know I have never managed to unzip a Vassal save game file received in the email because I normally get logfiles and they normally are not zipped.

And it is weird too because I am using Norton and not Windows as a security program or so I thought, but that is whole other oddity.

Now… Vassal does not support windoze security, but has anyone else had this problem and know why it happens or what to do about it?

{edit update - apparently my opponent was sending logfiles with no extension and some mail server was seeing the compressed file structure and adding a zip extension to the logfile? so when I went to unzip it it did not exactly decompress correctly? if any of that makes sense that is at least my current theory… knowing that now simply renaming the zip files he sends me from .zip to .vlog or .vdat seems to let Vassal access them no problem, in fact I imagine I could actually just leave as .zip and still open them in Vassal just don’t actually try to decompress them outside Vassal}

Thus spake “IrishBouzouki”:

VASSAL save and log files structurally are ZIP files. Are you saying that
your opponent zipped a save file?


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At least this is what I think happened…

He sent a log file without an extension. Somewhere between his machine and mine it got a zip extension added. Doofus me tried to unzip it and windows defender whisked away the file to never never land. Repeat four time while emailing back and forth about what was going on. Finally figured out he was sending a raw logfile and just renamed it from zip to vlog and it opened fine. It is possible that he saved the logfile with a zip in the first place but that is not my impression from what was described to me.

anyhow solved.