Any ATTACK SUB! players?


I have the card game, but am glad to see it’s on Vassal! Anyone interested in a sub fight?

(aka Tripler)

You didn’t specify PBEM/live and timezone.

The reaction cards I imagine would throw up a lot of interruptions for PBEM.

Dang it… . . sorry bdgza

I’d prefer live, and I’m in GMT -7, but soon to deploy to GMT +3.5 (January). I’ll be off and on until January, so I reckon I’m just “floating the bobber” on anyone that wants an opponent.


I am CET, so GMT-7 will be difficult. Maybe we can find a time in january when your timezone is easier for me.

I am a huge Attack Sub fan, live in Montreal so on EST , eg GMT +5.

Would be available to play, but need 24 hours advance warning preferably - also agree with previous comment that PBEM probably not so good for this game…live play .

Drop me a line if interested.