Any Civil War Brigade (CWB) game

Anyone interested in playing some Civil War Brigade? I’ve played all of them, so the choice of game isn’t that important to me. (My favorite is CHAMPION HILL, but that’s just a preference.) The turn sequence is not that interactive, so playing by file transfer should work.

Sent you a PM

Hi, Chuck. I looked for the PM and didn’t find it. Can you resend?



We were talking about Thunder at the Crossroads II

I’m a Civil War guy, and I’m looking for CW games that are not overly complex and that can move along quickly. It sounds like the CWB games are brigade level games. Would they fit that description? If not, any other ideas?


CWB games are brigade level games. There is some interactivity (reaction fire), but that’s not very difficult to work through over email. I’ve played a number of games PBEM and it works well for that. I think the older SPI Blue & Gray games would work well too. They’re even less interactive than CWB.


Ben sent you a PM

I recognize that name. Hi Dan. I have all of the CWBS (started in 1990) but have not played them in years - switched to the RSS then LoB. Just posted for an LoB opponent. Did you ever get a response for an opponent? I will attempt a PBEM but if you have Skype playing live is possible. LMK.