Any German players?

Hi guys. I am new to VASSAL as well as Wargaming and Hexgames in gernerell. The only wargame I played so far was Axis and Allies. I played FAB Sicily and Bulge on VASSAL last weekend. I think I got all the rules down so far, but there are always a couple of uncertainties in situations. I guess it would be way easier to get into this having a wargame pro on my side. So just out of curiousity, are there any German players in this forum?

Sorry for the double-post. I only later realized that it had to be confirmed before showing up in the Forum.

Hi there,
Well, maybe only few Germans use the Vassal engine, but I am one of them. :slight_smile:
I have played Breakout: Normany, A Victory lost, A Victory Denied, No Retreat (GMT), Holdfast: Russia and now I give Moscow '41 a try. Normally I prefer an online game using Vassal and Skype.

Sorry, but I haven`t played FAB Sicily and Bulge until now.
But if I can help you, please just send me an email (starpit64 AT