Any man o war inspired naval coder enthusiasts?

Hey there guys :slight_smile: Basically, im a fan of naval warfare games and always enjoyed the GW Man o’ War game. Basically I am working to create my own version of the game, loosely based on the format (at least in so much as it involves ships utilising card templates, counters etc)

For anyone unfamiliar with the original game, it effectively involves a ‘sea map’ with placeable terrain, ship models (that would move across in 360’ rotations/ movement ie. a table top game.)

Basically im concieving of the rules but would happily work with someone on this if they share a passion for the subject. My background is actually as a graphic artist, and so most my fun really will be in the design of the ships/races, creating detailed illustration data cards, terrain graphics and sea/ map boards, model graphics etc.

My weak point is in coding toying with Vassal’s properties! So there you go guys if anyones interested say hi!