anyone for Twilight Struggle?

I can play most nights from about 9 to 11 EST, and usually longer on Sundays.

I’d prefer live games, but PBEM also works.

I’ve played TS a half dozen times and a couple times on Vassal.


Hi Ron,

Our schedules sync as does our experience. I’ve played on Vassal once (one game over the course of two nights) and TS about a half dozen times as well. Weeknights (including Sunday) are usually better for me.

I probably can do tonight if you’re interested, or some time next week. Let me know.


Hi Joe,

Let me check my schedule and get back to you…I think this Sunday will work for me but I’m not 100% certain. Also, if you’re ok with saving at the 2 hour mark and picking it another night, I know I can play from 9 to 11 on Monday night.