Anyone Interested in AH's Submarine?

Looking for a PBEM Vassal opponent for Avalon Hill’s Submarine Scenario 6, The Hunt for “Wounded Bear”.

If you get back to me on that in month or two :smiley:
I would love to finally play some of it, but it’s hard to find time for me at this moment.

I’m swamped right now, but I wanted to let you know that I have a strong interest in this game. I have not played before. I assume you have. I’d be interested to know what you like about it.

Hi Harald,

I’ve played a couple of time with the solitaire scenarios. I will keep you in mind for a possible future game as I have yet to find an opponent.

Will look for you in a month or two as I have yet to find an opponent.

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I played some solitaire scenarios and wounded bear once, long time ago.
Wounded bear is kind of broken in my opinion and you could play it solitaire. It really don’t need to be played by two players other then for tutorial purposes as it can be played pretty much in one way.
The wolfpack scenarios though seem like fun to play as multiplayer games, with each player controlling one sub.
Overall it seem like a fun game.

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Harold, why do you think “The Hunt for Wounded Bear” is broken?

That was NDZ in his last post who said that. I have never played Submarine, so I couldn’t render an opinion on that at this point.

Actually now that I started to recall, it might just be me not fully understanding rules for carrier movement. I was very confused how to do it, but later I think I figured it out.
Still, it is one time scenario. After one game there is little replay value in it.

Actually, play U-Boat solitaire scenarios. I remember I had fun with them. Convoy can make very weird circles with rules as they are, but I remember it was fun.