Anyone want a game?

Would like to play a PBEM game, not too worried what although i like ww2 and ancients strategic games:

I own and could play (only actually played WiF)
Pacific War
Russian Front
World in Flames
Hannibal - Rome vs Carthage

Don’t own but would like to try
The Battle for Normandy

list is by no means exhaustive or definitive, just what comes to mind atm. If you’d like an opponent for domething else try me!
I can get turns done pretty reguarly/quickly and am in the UK.

Hello John, I am currently playing; Totaler Krieg, For the People, Empire of the Sun. Able to try Hannibal, A&A, Pacific Victory, or learn a new one. Let me know if any of this works for you. PBEM and/or some live play.


Hi Greig,

How about Hannibal then?

PM sent.


OK I have olayed 3 times so far, as Rome each time but do not care so you could choose. Are you thinking of using ACTS or just in-vassal system for cards/dice?

Are you still looking for games?

Hi John!

I’d like to play Pacific War (never given it a try, though) or OCS (Eastern Front modules, prefereably). I can use Skype or email
I’m on Skype as


I live in Italy.
Hope to hear from you soon

Stefano Cuccurullo

P.S. I can use ACTS dice bot, considering the VASSAL dice look to be quite extreme… :unamused:

Thus spake “StefanoCuccurullo”:

There is nothing wrong with our dice roller. We’ve analyzed the results
of millions of die rolls, and they stand up to the standard battery of
statistical tests for randomness. If you’re going to claim that there’s
something wrong with the dice roller, please offer some statistical
evidence for it.


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Funny thing about dice, I started a game vs another fellow who wanted to use die roller Acts in this case as he thought some results from Vassal dice a bit odd. (Had just rolled 4 ones in a row). I had thought no big deal, he then proceeded to roll 3 threes with acts. Just goes to show we gamers will complain about dice most any time we get a chance. LOL

On Apr 22, 2010, at 7:04 AM, JUNO44 wrote:

This is actually a well-known symptom of non-statistical criticisms of
random number generators. A truly random (or acceptable pseudo-
random) number generator needs to have the appropriate frequency and
distribution of “runs” of the same number in sequence. But people
will see a run and think that something must be wrong. But with a
random sequence of numbers, you will always have runs of the same
number in a row. If you didn’t then the generator would be too
predictable, because you would be able to know that the next number
cannot be the same as the previous one. But there should always be an
appropriate chance (1/6 for a d6) that it will, in fact, be the same
as the previous number.

So that is why it is important to apply statistical tests of random
number generators in order to make sure that certain patterns that
stand out to humans are actually present in their correct proportion.
After all, the odds of rolling “1-1-1-1” is exactly the same as
rolling “1-4-2-5”, but because of our pattern recognition bias, the
former will look out of place whereas the latter will not.

Here’s the irony: If the Vassal die roller did NOT produce runs of the
same number, then you would need to suspect that there was something
wrong with it.

As Joel noted, the die roller has been subjected to appropriate
statistical tests of randomness and has always passed them. You may
also guess that this isn’t a new argument.

I also added an article to the FAQ about this.

Joel: Do you recall what tests were applied?

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Thus spake Thomas Russ:

An answer to this question will be the first thing I put in the new
FAQ on the new site.

I used ENT (, so there were entropy,
chi square, arithmetic mean, Monte Carlo, and serial correlation
coefficient test.


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I didnt’ want to cause such a discussion. That’s just what some fellas I play with think about VASSAL dicebot: not to mention the fact that I keep on playing by using its dice, regularly. But we are as many as four so we decided to switch to another dice rolling device. But, just for a matter of, how can I refer to it as…Superstion?..We, as players, don’t like extreme dicebot just because we give it a specific meaning. But it’s just an electronic device: being not able to discriminate “bad” with “good”.


As a craps dealer, I see “weird” runs every day. Bearing in mind that the casino pays (and checks) to makes sure that the dice are regular and uses the “alligator” to make sure the dice have to turn a few times.

are you still looking for opponents for russian front?

Hey Prester John!
I can’t say I’m familar with any of those games, but would you (or anyone for that matter) happen to know how to play Europe Engulfed? It’s basically the reason I downloaded Vassal, but I absolutely cannot find anyone to play it with :frowning: . It’s a great WWII game, but I guess it’s not very popular. Is anyone in this entire forum at all interested in playing Europe Engulfed with me?


Prester John

You still looking for opponents im intrested in playing WIF, Russian Front or any WWII game.