Appeal to all users, UK especially: Opponent's output stalls

Do you experience the following on any version of Vassal, when playing online ?

[i]Occasionally, perhaps even once or twice per game, your opponent’s moves are seriously delayed getting to your screen. At the same time, if you use chat, they will see your chat messages immediately (I’m not sure about if you make on-board actions).

After about 20-60 seconds, all your opponents actions will be reflected on your screen in one batch and you can continue as normal.

If so, please read on…

I started experiencing this problem when I switched ISP about 2 years ago. Since then, I have come across 2 or 3 fellow players who report the same. All of us are in the UK and with that same ISP. As far as I know, no other net usage shows a similar problem but it may be that there is an underlying issue but it is only really apparent in a Vassal game.

So, I am keen to hear from any one else with insight into the problem or who experiences the issue, to see if we can identify the cause.