Ardennes'44 or EFS, AGS

I out in my P500 order for these 2 games and downloaded the rules and VASSAL modules. A’44 seems to be complete enough to play, and AGS has almost everything necessary, except for the reinforcement schedule and scenario parameters. I’d like to get into both while I wait for the physical components. I can do PBEM getting off files nearly every day, or live with Skype if schedules match. I can play daytime in the Pacific time zone (GMT -8 I think). PM if interested.


Are you still interested to start a PBEM vassal game (Ardennes’44) I can do 2-3 logfiles each week. I want to command either side in the game, scenario or campaign is okay for me.



I’m also getting into the rules of the EFS series…

I am also in the Pacific time zone, and daytime is ideal for me. Like you, I have pre-ordered both and would like to get into them a bit. I noticed that AGS also doesn’t have the overrun table, but maybe it will be ok just to work on getting the rules figured out. PM me to set things up.

Going to check this out…