Are Property value limits their own Properties?

Are the min and max values of a dynamic property stored as their own property?

For example, a numeric dynamic property named “ABC” is a trait in many counters and each counter has a unique min ABC value and a unique max ABC value. I would like to use a GKC to make ABC for each counter a random number between it’s own ABCmin and ABCmax using the Random expression. In my limited understanding it would look something like this:



Thanks for sharing your expertise.


Bump. The answer could save me many hours of work while keeping the module as streamlined as possible. Thanks in advance if you can answer this for me.


I’m fairly certain the answer is no…at least, the designer’s guide makes no mention of this. It sounds like a good feature request, though.

Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated.

I for one see uses for the ability to return the number of layers as a property. Or as I inquired above, the ability to return the minimum/maximum number in a dynamic property. I’ll submit a feature request.

The workaround for now is to just store ABCmin and ABCmax as markers on the piece (or just one comma separated marker trait). But you probably already know that.

I hadn’t thought of that. Good work around. Thanks.