Are we allowed to make requests? If so I have one

Hi I didn’t see anything in the rules about requests so hopefully this is OK to do. Basically, I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to update the Airborne in my Pocket module to include its expansions as the original author seems to have abandoned it. All the material needed is freely available at and I have linked to this below. I tried to do it myself but I have no and I mean absolutely no programming knowledge at all and for the most part I just tried to copy and paste the work done by the original author of the module only replacing the cards with the images of the cards I wanted to include in the module. After a couple of mostly fruitless hours work I still hadn’t managed to get even part of the cards from the Kilroy Was Here expansion up and working and gave up. That’s why I’m here now. I hope I don’t come across as presumptuous in my request but like I said I couldn’t find any rules against making them. I have also linked to the VASSAL module for ABimP below. … -my-pocket … _My_Pocket

Just posting this to let people know that I overcame the hurdle and will now hopefully be bringing out my own update for the module within the next few days. However, my effort will probably be much cruder than anything a seasoned module creator for VASSAL can produce so if anyone’s still interested don’t let this stop you.

Alright I’ve finished my updated version of ABimP the only problem now is I can’t seem to upload the file. I’ve tried editing the ABimP module page in the wiki but it says I need to wait for admin approval which is fair enough but when I try to upload my file it just stalls endlessly for me. Do I need to wait for my edit on the main ABimP page to get mod approval before I can upload or is something going wrong here?

Just making this reply to let people know that I’ve overcome all problems and have successfully uploaded my update of ABimP for VASSAL. Again, don’t let this stop you from making your own contributions though.