AreaOfEffect enhancement

Hi there -

First off, a huge thanks to the devs for soldiering on with Vassal. It’s a bit old and creaky, but it’s still getting 'er done and a lot of people are having a lot a fun. My hat is off to you!

I just had my first fun little foray into the code base last night. I was in there because I had been enhancing a big game module and I needed expression support in the “radiusMarker” field of the AreaOfEffect decorator. It was pretty easy to replace the String with an Expression, and by using Expression.createSimplePropertyExpression() it’s also backwards compatible with existing saves.

Can I get this change into the code base? Should I just make a bug and attach a patch?


P.S. I’m also interested in adding a few other little improvements to the Editor. For one, I’d like to enhance StringArrayConfigurer (gah that editor makes my teeth ache) along with some other stuff. (I still hate AWT though.) … i?id=10975


Hi bbugs,

I will have a look at the patch and merge it in. Joel is trying to concentrate on vassal 4, so I will be trying to pick up on the vassal 3.2 maintenance.

Expression support is actually already there, you could just specify the name of a Calculated Property as the Radius Marker.

However, it would definitely be more convenient to be able to specify the expression directly.

In fact, what would be better is if we got rid of the ‘fixed Radius?’ checkbox altogether and just had the one field 'Radius: ’ which would probably just be a FormattedExpressionConfigurer. You could enter a number, a plain property name or an expression, all would work. We would just have to make sure we handle the conversion of any existing property names properly from legacy use of the trait.