Arkham Horror

I’m starting up an Arkham Horror PBEM game, average about 5 turns a week. I already have one other player, and we would like one or two more players. Anyone interested?

Hi there! Count me on!
Any expansions or just the main game?

It’s going to be just the main game board, but we might use some of the other expansion components.

I’d play if you’re still looking for a player.


Ok, that makes 4 players. I made the starting file:
Ancient One: Yog-Sothoth
Player 1 (Harryp19): Dexter Drake
Player 2 (matttutor):
Player 3 (Voromir):
Player 4 (deichen):
I used the Dunwich cards (except allies), Injury + Madness, Epic Battle cards (Including Miskatonic), personal stories, and relationships. Matttutor, now it’s your turn to choose an investigator and prepare him.
If you give your mail, I’ll send the file (can’t place it here, too big)

Ok, I’ll switch deichen and matttutor in the playing order, because he’s gone for the weekend. deichen, I’ll send you the file a.s.a.p.

Voromir, if i can have your mail address, you’ll get the updated file.