ASL Newbie looking for Coach / Mentor

Hi Everyone,

I am returning to gaming after many years away from the hobby. I really want to get started with ASL. I have just finished the Starter Kit #1 rules and am looking for someone who can serve as a coach / mentor through a few scenarios.

I would have to play PBEM as I really do not have time for face to face over Vassal as I am an airline manager and often work unusual hours.

My plan is to play a few scenarios of ASLSK#1, move on to ASLSK#2, and then to ASLSK#3. From there I would like to transition into Paratrooper and finally in to Beyond Valor and the full rules.

I don’t mind being badly beaten as long as it is a good learning experience.

I am looking to possibly play 2 opponents, making a move each per week (or more if time permits).

If anyone is interested in helping this newbie get into the world of ASL and willing to help me along the way, please let me know.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.