ASL Starter Kits

New to wargaming and VASSAL, and recently decided to take the plunge into ASL with the first starter kit. Now I’m looking for another player who could mentor me a bit, help put all the rules together on the map, eventually be able to play against, and help me prepare for full ASL. :slight_smile:

(I’ll also need help around VASSAL at first, since I’m not really sure what I’m doing when I load up the modules and all, haha.)

Please forgive the newbishness!

Hello Teliis,
I finished reading Starter Kit #1(SK1) a couple of weeks ago and even play tested the first two scenerios; matter of fact I’m playing scenerio #1(Pbem) with someone right now. So I’m a rookie too…lol, but when your ready, just give me a shout and we can battle : )

Hey I would be ready to play some Asl starterkit. I am pretty new to it also. If intersted send me an e mail.