Assigning sides


Could someone tell me how I assign sides in my module please?

The sides in my module I have specified are Solo, Observer, Side A and Side B.

In the game I have 5 factions and I want to be able to assign any one of these factions to a player side. In any one game one side might have only one faction as does the other. In another game one side might have two factions and the other one or two factions…and so on. How do I assign these factions to a player?

Can anyone tell me the steps I need to do to make this possible please.

Thank you

Happy W.

I’d suggest downloading “Kingmaker”, opening it in the Editor and reverse-engineering from there.

I think I know how to do it by memory, but am afraid I’d get it wrong (or leave out some important step) if I typed it in here.

As far as a player having control of multiple factions, that’s where it gets tricky. Provided you create enough “Sides” that players can log into and “password reserve”, I would think that many of the features you might build into a “factional game” (e.g., inability for any faction to see cards/flip counters of another faction) would conspire against you. Also, I’m not sure if a multi-player module would allow the same player & password to occupy multiple “seats”. Try it, it might work. If it doesn’t, a Player controlling multiple “sides/factions” might have to use the Resign/Switch Sides button to move among his controlled sides during play… which might be a bit of a hassle.

Here is the way it was done for third Reich.

Unfortunately a user can occupy only one player side at a time. So if you design in all possible permutations (as in the pictured example above), one of the downsides is that upon game creation, you can’t easily disable player sides that are meant to go unused. So if you’ve got a module for a game that handles 2-5 players, and you’ve defined all the player side combos, when you set out to play a 3P game, the “extra” player sides in there to handle 2, 4, and 5 player games are still there–so an opponent being a scumbag could just hop into one of those and see things they shouldn’t (if hidden information is involved).

The only workaround is a laborious process of entering player sides you don’t want used one by one, changing your module password and saving the game each time until all “disabled” sides are locked by a password and rendered unavailable for selection.

Note: although there’s no harm in it, you shouldn’t need to define “Observer” as a player side. It will be there by default, as it is the state of not occupying a player side at all, and more than one player can use that mode simultaneously, unlike player sides which are locked by one and only one module password.