At-Start Stack position using Named location


I have a module with 2 boards.
Each has an irregular grid, with a single region called TurnMarker
The location of the region is different on each the board

I have an at-start stack (with a single item) for any board, using grid location ‘TurnMarker’

When I start the game the stack always takes the location of the region in the first board, even when the second board is selected.
If I swap the board order the location changes to that of that (now first) board.

How would I get the marker to appear a the correct location for each board?

In SetupStack there is this method:

[code] protected Board getConfigureBoard() {

Board board = null;

// DJ1: return owning board
if (map != null && !OwningBoardPrompt.ANY.equals(owningBoardName)) {
  board = map.getBoardPicker().getBoard(owningBoardName);

// DJ2: no owning board
if (board == null && map != null) {
  String[] allBoards = map.getBoardPicker().getAllowableBoardNames(); // DJ3: gets all allowed boards
  if (allBoards.length > 0) {
    board = map.getBoardPicker().getBoard(allBoards[0]); // DJ4: returns first in list

return board;


I think it would make sense to get chosen boards (i.e. BoardPicker.getSelectedBoards()) and if necessary take the first. Before then testing for board == null and getting all allowed boards.

Any thoughts?


I don’t know anything about the problem itself or the code in the second post. I can only offer a workaround to try.

Put a marker (turnmarker=true, for example) into all those pieces in the problem at-start stack. Then use a Start-up GKC which sends a command to every (turnmarker=true) piece, triggering a Send to Location trait which sends 'em all to Region=TurnMarker.

You’ll want to add a second matching property to the start-up gkc, which prevents it from triggering repeatedly after loading saved games (turnmarker=true&&newgame=true, for example, with newgame being a global property that begins as true, but switches to false either with this move or another move shortly following this at the start of a new game).

Hope that helps.

I have ended up duplicating every at-start stack for each board, and setting the owner to each board. It’s bloat, so not entirely satisfactory. I have a code fix that works, but that would require another maintenance release.