At-start stacks as extension

For Modules like NWP or The Killing ground, I would like to create a combat play aid, taking care of colunm shifts and DRMs. What I did has the form of an extension. Unfortunately, the play aid Map Window uses At-Start stacks which refuse being shown when loaded as extension.

Is there any work-around other than manipulating buildFiles of existing modules/saved games?

The issue is that At-start stacks are stacks of counters that exist in a current game that are create when the game was originally created.

Loading an extension that defines at-start stack will have no effect on existing save games, you would need to create a new game from scratch after the extension was loaded.

If your module starts new games using pre-defined setups, then you are not starting a new game from scratch and so do not see any at-start stacks from the extension.

Not sure what to suggest, you are in a bit of a Chicken and Egg situation.