At Start stacks 'clone' from Piece Menu?


Would it be possible to populate at-start stacks with links to counters from the Game Piece Palette, rather than being their own specific piece?

Reason I ask is that it can be pretty time-consuming when you tinker with a load of pieces in the Game Piece Palette to update them, and then have to delete the now-old versions from the at-start stack and copy all the new ones in from the Game Piece Palette (one at a time too, and then re-order them the other way up as at-start stacks display in reverse order for some reason?).

Just being able to make something like a ‘list of links’ in the at-start stacks that then just displays the (now updated) piece from the palette would be most useful :slight_smile:

Hope this makes sense? :slight_smile:

The easiest way to do this is to use Prototypes–if all your pieces have just a Basic Piece and a Prototype trait, any changes you make to the prototype will automatically be reflected in both the Game Piece Palette and the pieces in the At-Start Stacks (other than their basic name and image–and you can get the image to copy automatically if you use an always-active Layer trait for your images, instead).