At start stacks

I am hoping someone can help me. I have at start stacks that are assigned to specific boards of the game map. My issue is that the map can contain multiple boards and the same board can appear more than once on the map. The at start stacks will only appear on the first board to which the stack is assigned. How can I get them to appear on ALL boards with the assigned name?

I may be wrong but it would seem to me that giving more than one board the same name would problematic.

Think geo-morphic, boards that can rotate and match up to the others whether right side up or upside down. Examples would be Kriegspiel, Squad Leader, Panzer Blitz, etc.

I wonder if DrNostromo is implying that the boards should have different names but the same filename for the artwork.
Maybe you should have something like PzBlitz_a01,PzBlitz_a02,PzBlitz_a03 all made from a file PzBlitz_a.png .

When my version for Richthofens War hits the module page (Rick3) take a look at the ASPs to see a similar problem. If you take 2 of the same type of plane you have to copy and paste the ASP boxes from one to the other. This fix won’t quite work for my current project since the boards can flip (another issue with at start stacks) and there are over 50 boards and they can be repeated any number of times on the overall game board at the players whim.