Auto-Report location does not return hex grid number

I’m looking for suggestions as to possible reasons why a drag and drop move of a unit on a hex grid does not report the hex number as its Location. Instead, it reports the Map name. My current module has a single main map with multi-zones for a playing area (including a Hex grid), and zones created for game turns and VPs. As I’m not a programmer, please pardon anything lacking in my problem definition. Thanks!

In a multi-zoned grid the location reported is the one defined in the “Location Format” entry in the zone definition. The default is “$name$”, which just means movement to/from this zone will be reported as occuring to/from this zone name. You said the drag & drop reports only the Map name but, unless you changed the default behaviour in the Map properties, it’s probably reporting the Zone name, instead.

Change the “Location Format” to “$name$ $gridLocation” or just “$gridLocation$”.

That was exactly what was going on. Thanks!