Auto Rotate on Placement

Is there a way to make a piece automatically rotate a certain way/amount when it’s first placed on a mapboard?
If so how?

You can set pieces to start in a certain state, such as rotated a certain direction, in the piece window if they have the rotate trait. Though it is a bit tricky to do and I can’t remember how off the top of my head.

Alternatively you could set a key command to be applied to all pieces upon placement on the board in the map properties, then use the key to turn the piece to its desired state.

You can also do what I’ve done before, make the graphics pre rotated a certain way before putting them into vassal.

Depending on what you want it to do, of course, the key command on map placement is the most versatile option.

Yeah this is what I’m trying to do… but can 't seem to determine how to go about it.

See the Designer’s Guide, from the Docs section of the site. Page 40, “Pre-Setting Pieces in a Game Piece Palette”.

Perfect! Thanks a bunch.