automated cropping of individual counters from count

I wrote a quick and dirty tutorial on using ImageMagick to divide counter sheets into individual counters. Somebody may find it useful:

When posting this, I didn’t notice Vassal trimmed most of the subject line which should read: automated cropping of individual counters from a counter sheet.

Ooh! Nice article! Would you consider adding it to our Wiki? Could be a new article referenced from the Tips and Tricks page?

I guess I could add to wiki. I am not a fan of moderation process but that’s the only way, I guess.

Naw, it is a real PITA. With images pending moderation, I can’t see them easily. Also, if I change my mind and decide to embed different images, I need to upload them one by one. Apologies, but that’s is so Web 1.0 :slight_smile:

I will make a PDF that could be then uploaded.

PDF is pending approval. So are the changes to Tips and Tricks page. But appropriate formatting was beyond me so I only added a link to file, with no meaningful link text, alas.