Automatic return to a deck

I have a deck of ‘turn order’ cards labelled 1-6. Each turn, players draw one to determine the order of play, then use a Return to Deck trait (Ctrl R) to return the cards manually to the deck.

It’d be nice to automatically return the turn order cards to their deck each time the turn counter advances 1 turn. (So each time a turn ends, the module takes all the Turn order cards and puts them back for drawing again.)

I set a ‘Next Turn’ hotkey on the Turn Counter (Ctrl+Shift+Space), and a Trigger on each card (listen for Ctrl+Shift+Space and trigger a Ctrl R) but nothing happens.

Am I missing something?

A Global Hotkey sends a key to other Vassal toolbar components, not counters, as opposed to a Global Key Command, which sends a ket to counters, not Vassal toolbarcomponents.

So you will need to define a Global Key Command that actually sends the Ctrl-R to the require counters, and have the Turn Counter Global Hotkey fire it off.


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